Hello all,

For unknown reasons, Twitter has suspended the access of this site to their API, so login through Twitter can not used until further notice.

I have opened a support ticket so they can give me more information on this, but for the moment, this feature is no longer supported.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Best regards.

2022/23 Playoffs are already available, though be careful as the schedule is not confirmed yet as they are playing the play-in tournament.

Note that the slot to make your team is very short this year so you might want to start building your team or even completely build it without counting on the matchups with latest teams coming from the play-in (two spots missing).

Also note there are
Hello all,

The 2nd half of the season 2022/23 is finished. Another clash between two giants, Patrick Landolt with his team Acte 2 and deejay with his team DJ -1.

Finally Patrick got away with it and is the winner, both in points and money!! Nicely done, Patrick!!! Hope somebody can kick your ass for the playoffs, the party will not last forever!

Thanks to everybody for playing.
Hello everybody,

The hosting service decided to update the software on the servers and that has caused a lot of issues in the game. They just gave me the option to keep the old version by paying a lot more.

I have kept this game running for a long time for free but I am loosing money (not to mention the time dedicated to improve and solve issues). So the idea of paying even more is just o
My fantasy profile page is stuck on last nights date, which gives a different time that the games go live.

The screen shot was taken today, just a few seconds ago…..and it’s the 14th
Luckily this didn’t jam me up cause I already mad the moves I had to make but what if iI didn’t know better I would have thought that I har more time then I did?!? This has hap
recent by NBA Fantasy Addicts admin  ·  Mar 15 at 11:29 pm
Hello all,

The first half of the season 2022/2023 is finished. Congratulations to Patrick Landolt, as we is the winner both in points and money with his team God save JB. God save us from having him in the game as his presence means less changes of winning for the rest.

I do not want to make a case for alcoholic drinks, but is he referring to this?

We will never know. I hope you a
NBA Fantasy Addicts admin posted Dec 30 '22 at 1:30 pm
Hello everybody,

First of all, thanks to some of you that have donated some money to this site. That is really great and I appreciate it a lot, as it gives me the possibility to keep this site going.

For everybody else, if you can contribute, as much as you can, that would be very much appreciated!!

I wish you all merry xmas and a very happy new year.


Ok is this just me….

I’ve been out of the country (Mexico) and just arrived today so I don’t know if this plays a factor but my teams information is stuck on Nov. 14….😒 Again, is this just me?

It shows all the stats that I got from last night games but any of the players that should be active today, are actually being accounted for🤷🏾‍&
recent by NBA Fantasy Addicts admin  ·  Nov 17 '22 at 11:38 am
I was looking over the league and my competition and I notice that this players roster value does not seem to add up......
The combine value of the roster that he has playing, according to my calculations, is 40,103,395, how does he have 8,980,377 in the bank?!?

The actually combine value of the team that he has playing would have to be 31,123,018 to have that much money in th
recent by NBA Fantasy Addicts admin  ·  Nov 2 '22 at 9:30 am
NBA Fantasy Addicts admin posted Oct 12 '22 at 12:43 pm

There were some problems with the prices of some players and I had to reset some of the teams, so you might find your team empty if you had one of these players:

Zion Williamson
Kawhi Leonard
Ben Simmons
John Wall
Jamal Murray.
Anyway, just in case, have a look at your team again.

Please sorry for the inconveniences for those of you that had you team reset.


Hello all,

Remember that the season 2022/2023 is now available, so you can start creating your teams.
The official start of the league is the 18th of October. Be ready!!

Have fun!!!


Hello all,

I am happy to announce that the season 2022/2023 is now available, so you can start creating your teams.
The official start of the league is the 18th of October. Be ready!!

Have fun!!!


Hello all,

The NBA season has finished. In the final battle of the year, Theodoros Christoforidis with his team Fortuna 95 is the winner. Congratulations Theodoros!!! I wish I were you when I become an adult
Just 24 points over the second position Patrick Landolt.....Two legends of this game, indeed. Amazing fight, guys!!!

Below the top 10 standings:
I really hope you a
recent by quasime  ·  Jun 22 '22 at 12:08 pm
Sipka posted Apr 19 '22 at 3:37 pm
2 teams ( Kmansy and Kmans Park Rangers) created roster on saturday 16.04. but we havent points for sunday 17.04. Is that bug or something else?

recent by Sipka  ·  Apr 20 '22 at 6:58 pm
Hello all,

The complete season 2021/2022 has come to an end.

The winner is the usual suspect, deejay and his team DJ - A 🇺🇦. Congratulations again *deejay for your victory. Once again, the goal of all of us is to beat your ass some time, but reality keeps slapping us on the face.

Also congratulations to BullsNick and his team Bull Market. Usually those who come in se
recent by quasime  ·  Apr 16 '22 at 6:16 pm
Hello all,

2nd half of the season 2021-2022 has come to an end.

Congratulations to Jean-baptiste Demont with the team Nothing but net as the winner of the 2nd half of the season 2021/2022. Impressive job, you have won on a close contest with deejay, being first in points and money. You got it all !!

It is been really fun to watch, with the eight first team over 44M. Impressive guys!!!
NBA Fantasy Addicts admin posted Mar 7 '22 at 3:51 pm
There is not much we can do from here apart from donating food and other goods to Ukraine. There are sites where you can contribute, and I am sure there are some vans or trucks close to you which are driving all the way to Ukraine with food and medical stuff or any other important things to support ukrainian civilians.

From here I would like to note how important our donations might be, as li
NBA Fantasy Addicts admin posted Feb 25 '22 at 9:55 pm
It is strange to be living these days and act as everything is normal. It is anything but normal to invade a country. There is no valid excuse or justification for doing that. It is just sad and the same behavior as the one of a bully.

We usually talk about the Cold War as it were really finished. Well, it looks like it never ended.

It is not my intention to mix this site with politics, b
recent by deejay  ·  Feb 27 '22 at 1:02 pm
Petefreak posted Feb 23 '22 at 5:48 am
Hello, as I was constructing my team I saw that the Raptors games on February 28th (vs. Nets) and March 4th (vs. Magic) don't seem to be listed on this site. I think this might be due to the postponement of some games so this might also be the case with other games aswell, not sure though. Just thought I would let you know.


recent by NBA Fantasy Addicts admin  ·  Feb 23 '22 at 5:06 pm
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