Who are we?

We are a group of friends, veterans from the good old days of the Sporting News NBA salary cap game, back in the 2005s. After a few years, the game was sold to RotoHog and, in 2010, discarded from their offer as it was not profitable. Since then, we have been playing on our own but for one reason or another we haven't found what we used to play and enjoy. So, this game was created because there wasn't anything similar out there.

  Why this game?

The basic idea of the game is not original, and by the time the development started (back in 2011), there were some salary cap games available on the Internet. So, why developing something that is already in the market?

Well, that is a interesting question... because there was always something you miss in those games, and you knew that it was nearly impossible for that feature to be included anytime soon: maybe you did not have the player injuries update, league customization or you did not like the player positions defined for a roster. So in order to overcome this issues, we have tried to summarize all the features we would want on the game and somehow made it possible.

We would also like to hear user's suggestions about the game, giving feedback and keep improving the game as much as possible.

  What is our goal?

Our initial idea is to provide a really fun game and a healthy competition. We expect to add as many features as possible to the system, though the first release of this website will only cover the basics. We intend to offer a game for both basic and advanced users, a common place for NBA and basketball fans.

Despite having no sponsors, we would like to provide every aspect of the game for free, inserting some ads at the right of the page. But if you feel to donate, we will indeed appreciate!

We have a lot of features in mind, for example:
  • Defining the internal prizes (to be managed exclusively by the league players themselves) depending on the final standings
  • Scheduled automatic trades for a given date
  • Trigger automatic trades based on certain events (a player injury, etc)
  • Notify users when one of their players has suffered an injury
  • Offer a mobile application to play on Android and iPhone
  • [...]

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