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Could we give players that are not playing because their games are cancelled due to COVID protocol, a injury icon so that we know that player is currently out of commission.

I picked up Ja Morant thinking that he was finally off the injured list only to find out that he has not been playing for a few games because his entire team schedule has been postponed smile . I'll admit, I should have been paying attention but I thought this could be an easy way to make sure that people don't waste a roster spot on a player who appears to be perfectly health but is not playing because their games have been postponed.

smile Just a thought


Could there be a way to make a separate this years stats as opposed to last years stats? It's hard to make the distinction between what your player did this year vs last year because it all run together.

I seeing stats for players that haven't even played yet this year and it can you throw off sometimes. I remember almost picking up a player that was out for the season once because I was seeing his stats from a previous season smile .

I am sure that those stats serve practical use for some people so you don't have to get rid of it but could you make the text a different color maybe or put a space between this years and last years stats

smile Just a thought

Jeddo80 posted Mar 28 '18 at 2:11 pm

Dear Admin,

Kindly arrange to undo the recent changes that I was trying to make yesterday as I got an error while making the undo myself and my roster remained incomplete.

Therefore, I got no points from my players who had games tonight.

Please help urgently as I need to do my trade for the day before the games start.



Is there a way to distinguish this years player stats from last stats, at first glance? or not include them at all during this season? Maybe some people value seeing that info so I can understand keeping it but it throws my eyes off sometimes when I’m looking at a players stats and have a make sure to check the date so that know I’m looking at the right thing.

🤔 Could it be a different color for last years vs this years or a definitive line separating the 2 stats. Eventually, I know that it will all be currents but it would help things alittle.
🤷🏾‍♂️Just saying

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