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Hello all,

As some of you surely know, last day games were postponed as the NBA teams are protesting against racial injustice.
Players made the extraordinary decisions to protest the shooting by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday of Jacob Blake, a black man, apparently in the back while three of his children looked on.
Nobody knows at this point if more games will be postponed or if
Hello all,

The Complete season for NBA 2019-20 is over. Once again, the winner is.......
Deejay!!! Congratulations!!!
With more than 2 million dollars over next teams, he showed as how to spent every dime. But not being this enough for him, he put another team in the second place. You are being really greedy, mate.....please leave us some room!!! We are tired of dancing to the sound o
recent by deejay  ·  Aug 21 at 9:11 am
First half of the season is over!!
Congratulations to Kawin TA, you are the new Popovich!!! And the best investor, too!! Really nice job.

Congratulations for all the players and specially those in the top 10!! Thank your all for playing!!!

The final standings:
Congratulations to all the members of the league L'année de Giroud, as it has been the first league of the sea
We'll miss you, Kobe

Today is a very sad day for those who love basketball in particular and sports in general. It is the first day without
one of the best NBA players of all time. We miss you already.

Kobe and his daughter Gianna Maria left us yesterday after a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.
He was 41 and his daughter Gianna Maria Onore, 13 years old. May both of them
Hello everybody,

As you probably noticed, there has been some service disruption during the day.

After investigating the problem, it seems that there have been some issues with the hosting service and the server configuration. The site has not changed at all and even so there were errors with core PHP libraries installed in the server.

I talk to them and they updated the server confi
Spain won last Sunday the FIBA World Cup.
Here some facts about this worldcup:

This was the 14th medal in the last 20 great basketball events for Spain.
Ideal roster: Evan Fournier (FRA), Ricky Rubio (ESP), Marc Gasol (ESP), Bodgan Bogdanovic (SRB), Luis Scola (ARG)
Forecasts before the worldcup considered Spain as one of the potential underachievers in the Worldcup.
United States
Hello all,

The second half of the season 2018/2019 is finished. Congratulations to the top ten (see below). Close fight between Claustro and Letheo to the very end.
Congratulations Claustro, you indeed know how to block!!! Good defense!!!

Some other conclusions:

Note that Jean-baptiste Demont will be called the Money Saver from now on. Jean-baptiste, please remember you cannot buy
recent by NBA Fantasy Addicts admin  ·  May 10 '19 at 10:23 am
Hello all,

The complete season 2018/19 is over. Let us congratulate to the best coaches of the year. Popovich, you should be afraid of losing your position.
Nin_fantazeri with Urdari team has shown us how to do it, while everybody in his league was dancing Samba. Winner in points, winner in money, if you need some Lottery ticket, he is the one . Well played!!!

Some other conclusions:
Hello players,

The season is about to finish, so if you have any trades left, it is time to use them!!!

Remember that after the season is finished there will be a possibility to play again during the playoffs!!


First half results

I hope you all have enjoyed the first half of the NBA season. It is being a close fight until the end.
Congratulations to Jean-Baptiste Demont (OkoboROY) as the season team winner, and also part of the best league of the season (League Jb's come back ( fails)) !!!
We all have a lot to learn from him....He has not only finished first in points, but also in money, with
NBA Fantasy Addicts admin posted Jan 17 '19 at 1:33 pm
Hello all,

Some sofware in the machine has been updated in order to improve a little bit the performance, but some problems have been detected (thanks Kawin Ta for letting me know) as a consequence. Actually the "Sell" button was not working anymore.

Everything looks fine now, but if you detect some other issue I would appreciate if you let me know.

All the best

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